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St. John Valley - 36 mile ride

Ride Description

Located on the shore of the St. John River, the border between Canada and the United States, Fort Kent in Aroostook County offers a convenient point from which to explore the uppermost reaches of Maine. It is home to French Acadian ancestors, and you can hear the bilingual influence in the lilt of the voices of its people. Fort Kent is a warm and spirited community, offering hospitality, natural beauty, and lots of interesting things to do.

The 13- and 36-mile loops have some short hard-packed gravel sections. The 40-mile loop is all on paved roads. You will ride by rural farms, fields, and water views with many opportunities to see wildlife. Watch for moose!

Ride Highlights

  •   America's First Mile - U.S. Route 1
  •   Fort Kent Historical Society Gardens


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Type: Road
Length: 36 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Surface: Paved


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