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Points of Interest

Penobscot River and Forest - Winn Loop

Ride Description

The Katahdin region has an abundance of natural resources, working forests, and farmlands. The "small town" atmosphere is very much alive in this region, bringing with it the serenity and security we remember from decades ago, when life wasn't in a fast lane, but moved rather slowly down the road, taking in the full beauty of its surroundings.

Medway (the starting point for this ride) is 11 miles from Millinocket, gateway to one of the largest wilderness areas in the country—Maine's north woods. This multimillion-acre region is home to Baxter State Park, whitewater rafting opportunities, hundreds of pristine lakes and rivers, and numerous wildlife. It’s incredible that this natural, unspoiled environment is just off I-95.

All three rides go along the west branch of the Penobscot River and pass by rural farms, forests, and logging communities.


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Type: Road
Length: 38 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Surface: Paved


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