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Points of Interest

Heart of Penobscot County - River Loop

Ride Description

This is a part of Maine where lumber was once king. Every town and village along the route is replete with reminders of that heritage. The Leonard’s Mills Museum in Bradley, a reconstruction of a 19th-century sawmill, should not be missed. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for wildlife viewing along the way. The Bangor Historical Society publishes a guide for an architectural walking tour of the historic buildings in downtown Bangor.

The 27-mile loop goes from Bangor to Old Town, up one side of the Penobscot River and down the other. This loop also includes the bike path through the University of Maine at Orono campus.

Ride Highlights

  •   Veteran's Park
  •   Piney Knoll Conservation Area
  •   Maine Discovery Museum


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Type: Road
Length: 27 miles
Difficulty: Easy, Moderate
Surface: Paved


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