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Low (<2000 vehicles/day)
Moderate (2000-6000 vehicles/day)
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Percent Slope

Easy (<2%)
Moderate (2 to 6%)
Hard (6 to 12%)
Really Hard (>12%)

Points of Interest

Heart of Penobscot County - Howland - Lagrange Loop

Ride Description

This is a part of Maine where lumber was once king. Every town and village along the route is replete with reminders of that heritage. The Leonard’s Mills Museum in Bradley, a reconstruction of a 19th-century sawmill, should not be missed. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for wildlife viewing along the way. The Bangor Historical Society publishes a guide for an architectural walking tour of the historic buildings in downtown Bangor. The 63-mile loop continues from Old Town and circles west of Pushaw Lake through woods and farmlands

Ride Highlights

  •   Veteran's Park
  •   Stillwater River Recreation Facility
  •   University Maine Museum of Art
  •   Maine Discovery Museum


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Ride Stats

Type: Road
Length: 66 miles
Difficulty: Difficult
Surface: Paved


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